The Evolution of Corrections in Missouri

SU Shortcourse / $10
Fridays July 14 - July 14 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
George Lombardi
When George Lombardi first began his 45-year career in Missouri Corrections in 1972 there were 3,900 inmates in seven prisons. Now there are 33,000 inmates in 21 prisons. There were approximately 15,000 people on probation and parole and now there are near 70,000. What brought us to this point? Lombardi will discuss this growth and the mitigating variables. He also will talk about the importance of early childhood education and the importance of long-term investment of keeping at-risk kids out of the criminal justice system. (The cost of this program is $10.)

LLI Summer Book Club: Mister Monkey: A Novel By Francine Prose

SU Shortcourse / $10
Fridays July 21 - July 21 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Karen Sterbenz
As stated in the New York Times Review of Books, "In what presents itself as a modest, mischievous little novel, Francine Prose has, modestly and mischievously, given us a great work. Expertly constructed, Mister Monkey is so fresh and new it's almost giddy, almost impudent with originality. Tender and artful, Prose's 15th novel is a sophisticated satire, a gently spiritual celebration of life, a dark and thoroughly grim depiction of despair, a screwball comedy, a screwball tragedy." We will spend part of our time each hour in small groups and part of our time in the whole group as we explore this book in new and creative ways. (The cost of this program is $10.)

How To Read A Painting: From Historical Narratives To Abstract Expressionism

SU Shortcourse / $10
Fridays July 28 - July 28 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm
Allison Taylor
Participants will examine five paintings from 1851 - 1953 and, using visual analysis techniques, learn to read these works. Presented chronologically themes such as historical narratives as political propaganda, landscape painters as environmentalists, emblematic portraiture during WWI, surrealists fascination with chance and abstract expressionism as quintessentially American will be explored. Participants will not only delve into the art historical significance of these works but also examine them compositionally. The five paintings are: Daniel Boone Escorting Settlers by Bingham; Sierra Nevada by Church; Iron Cross by Hartley; Eye of Silence by Ernst; Sleeping Effort by Pollock. (The cost of this program is $10.)