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Local Treasures II

Summer 4-Week 1 / $85
Thursdays July 13 - August 3 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Gail Marshall O'Brien
St. Louis has been a home for many poets-those born here and those who came from near and far. The local poets we will read were born in Pruitt-Igoe, Kirkwood and downtown St. Louis, while one poet was born in New York City where his family owned a department store on Fifth Avenue. The poets, many of whom were Pulitzer Prize winners and Librarians of Congress, had interesting "other" careers-bank clerk, sculptor, teacher of Latin, photographer, etc. All the poets wrote poems that speak to the human heart. Whether it's reflecting on leaving a long-lived-in family home, celebrating maiden aunts or describing what freedom from oppression is like, the poets tell stories that are rich in imagery or irony, and capture the essence of lives well lived. We will read the poems and discuss how the poets leave us with insights we can reflect on for months to come. [R, D] (A manual of readings to purchase)

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