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Great Decisions 2017

Summer 4-Week 1 / $85
Tuesdays July 11 - August 1 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Harvey Gerstein, Sheldon Enger
The team is back for their ninth round of exploring some of the great decisions facing our country. This year's topics are: 1. The Future of the European Union-Can it survive Brexit? 2. Trade and Politics-What is our international trade policy and what is best for America? 3. Saudi Arabia in Transition-What is happening under the leadership of a new monarch? 4. Afghanistan and Pakistan-What are the prospects for ending the U.S. involvement in a variety of conflicts? Presenters use DVD, PowerPoint and flip charts to present their story and provoke discussion. Reading the book will add to your understanding of the topics and your ability to participate in class discussion. [L, D, V] (Great Decisions, 2017 edition, Foreign Policy Association)

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