Bear Bucks
Guest Deposit:
WUSTL Connect

If you would like to deposit funds into the account of a Washington University in St. Louis Campus Card Account holder, you may do so here. The cardholder must have an active Campus Card Account (CCA) in order for you to make a Guest deposit.

Members of the university community with an active CCA account may login with their WUSTL Key.

University guests, who have received an Association invitation and completed their WUSTL Connect registration, may login with their registered credentials.

To receive an association invitation, a student must first create the association with the university guest on WebSTAC (under Campus Card > Guest Access). An association is a student-created and student-managed relationship between the student (the grantor) and the guest (the grantee).

By creating an association, the student provides the guest with limited access to their university account. In this case, the association authorizes the guest to purchase Bear Bucks for the students account.

For questions, please call (314) 935-8800 or e-mail