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  Please use your WUSTL KEY to log into WebFAC. If you have not yet created your WUSTL KEY you may still use your current SIS ID (or SSN) and Password. You will be redirected to the Create WUSTL KEY page.

Once you have created your WUSTL KEY, you must use it to access any or all Washington University system applications where you see the WUSTL CONNECT or WUSTL KEY logos. Your old SIS Login ID will no longer be accepted. If you are using Safari on the Mac, click here.

Today's News
FERPA reminder
The student information accessible through WebFAC is for your use only. Some of it is considered "directory" information under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and our students have the ability to request that any or all such information be withheld from the public. You are being provided this information as a member of the University community and should not share it with anyone else, including other students in a given class. We encourage you to review the University's FERPA Policy. Click HERE or on the Policies & Procedures link below for more information. You can also contact the student services area in your school, the University Registrar, or General Counsel if you have any questions.
Please note: posting grades or rosters containing full or partial Student ID or Social Security numbers is inappropriate. These are confidential pieces of information and posting them in any way is a violation of our students' rights to privacy.
Late grades?
Faculty may continue to submit and approve late grades using EGrades for the SP2017 semester, as well as make grade changes online in EGrades for SP2017 (some restrictions apply), until July 31, 2017.
EGrades also allows course instructors to change a grade online that had been previously submitted and posted to the student's record. A few restrictions apply - more info is available on the EGrades homepage. Be sure to check this out and avoid submitting a paper Special Grade Report Form on grade changes within the current grading period.

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