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  Please use your WUSTL KEY to log into WebFAC. If you have not yet created your WUSTL KEY you may still use your current SIS ID (or SSN) and Password. You will be redirected to the Create WUSTL KEY page.

Once you have created your WUSTL KEY, you must use it to access any or all Washington University system applications where you see the WUSTL CONNECT or WUSTL KEY logos. Your old SIS Login ID will no longer be accepted. If you are using Safari on the Mac, click here.

Today's News
Final grades for May 2017 degree candidates must be submitted and approved online in EGrades by Thursday, May 11th.
Final grades for all other students are due on Friday, May 12th.
If you think you have submitted and approved your grades online but haven't received an e-mail confirmation notice, you may have forgotten to click the Approve button in Step 2. Just go back into EGrades to doublecheck. As always, feel free to call the University Registrar's office at 5-5908 (Gisela), 5-9818 (Jill), 5-5919 (Steve) or 5-5567 (Sue) if you run into problems.
Reading Days and Final Exams
The Washington University academic calendar establishes a period of Reading Days and Final Examinations so that students may sufficiently prepare for and demonstrate proficiency in the discipline and subject matter of their course work. Study sessions, portfolio reviews and critiques are appropriate activities during Reading Days; final examinations are not. If a final examination is given for a course, it must be administered on the date and at the time specified in the exam schedule.

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