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Please use your WUSTL Key to login to WebSTAC. If you have not yet created your WUSTL Key you may still use your current SIS ID and Password. You will be redirected to the Create WUSTL Key page.

Once you have created your WUSTL Key, you must use it to access all Washington University system applications where you see the WUSTL Key logo. Your old SIS Login ID will no longer be accepted. If you are using Safari on the Mac, click here.
WebSTAC News
Pending Actions????
If you see "Pending Actions" on your WebSTAC homepage (below your photo), be sure to take the action requested to avoid problems.

Zoom video conferencing:
On February 1st, Zoom video conferencing service will make its debut as WashU's primary video conferencing tool. This service will be available to all WashU students, faculty, and staff at no cost, simply by using your WUSTL Key sign-on. View the Zoom Video Conferencing Services article for more information.