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Once you have created your WUSTL Key, you must use it to access all Washington University system applications where you see the WUSTL Key logo. Your old SIS Login ID will no longer be accepted. If you are using Safari on the Mac, click here.
WebSTAC News
Register to Vote:
The Gephardt Institute partners with TurboVote to offer free, convenient online voter registration in all 50 states. The platform also facilitates paper registration for states that require it (they will mail you a completed form to sign and send in!). If you are already registered to vote, you can request that TurboVote send text and email remonders before your local and national elections.
If you've changed your address since you last registered to vote, it is very likely that you must re-register with your new address to assure that you are registered in the proper precinct and to avert any difficulty on election day.

What's FERPA?
Did you know... the federal Family Education Rights and Privacy Act or FERPA (also known as the Buckley Amendment) gives all students the right to withhold addresses (email and postal), phone numbers, and any other pieces of what would otherwise be considered "directory" information from the public domain. If you do not want your directory information to be publically available, go to the FERPA Rights and Record Privacy page in WebSTAC (after login) under Student Information to get more information and set your options.
Note: a FERPA block on your Name or Email address will also prevent you from appearing in the Office 365 address book and the WU homepage directory.