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BIOLOGY AND BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES (L41)  (Dept. Info)Arts & Sciences  (Policies)SP2017

L41 BIOL 200Introduction to ResearchVar. Units (max = 3.0)
SecDays       TimeBuilding / RoomInstructorFinal ExamSeatsEnrollWaits
01TBASee Dept / [TBA], ClarkNo Final010
02TBASee Dept / Rentschler, ClarkSee Department010
03TBASee Dept / Amarasinghe, ClarkSee Department010
04TBASee Dept / Azab, ClarkSee Department010
05TBASee Dept / Clark, BaldridgeSee Department010
06TBASee Dept / Benzinger, ClarkSee Department000
07TBASee Dept / Bierut, ClarkSee Department020
08TBASee Dept / Blankenship, ClarkSee Department010
09TBASee Dept / Bose, ClarkSee Department010
10TBASee Dept / Clark, BoteroSee Department020
11TBATBABraver, ClarkSee Department010
12TBASee Dept / Brody, ClarkSee Department010
13TBASee Dept / Bruchas, ClarkSee Department000
14TBASee Dept / Campbell, ClarkSee Department000
15TBASee Dept / Cao, ClarkSee Department010
16TBASee Dept / Carlson, ClarkSee Department010
17TBASee Dept / Corbo, ClarkSee Department010
18TBASee Dept / Craft, ClarkSee Department010
19TBASee Dept / Dantas, ClarkSee Department050
20TBASee Dept / DeBosch, ClarkSee Department010
21TBATBADing, ClarkSee Department020
22TBATBADipersio, ClarkSee Department010
23TBATBADjuranovic, ClarkSee Department010
24TBATBAFrieden, ClarkSee Department010
25TBATBAFriess, ClarkSee Department010
26TBATBAClark, GinosarSee Department030
27TBATBAHall, ClarkSee Department010
28TBATBAClark, HaspelSee Department010
29TBATBAHaswell, ClarkSee Department010
30TBATBAHeld, ClarkSee Department010
31TBATBAHenderson, ClarkSee Department010
32TBATBAHoltzman, ClarkSee Department020
33TBATBAJay, ClarkSee Department030
34TBATBAKaufman, ClarkSee Department010
35TBATBAKlechevsky, ClarkSee Department010
36TBATBAKlein, ClarkSee Department010
37TBATBAKummer, ClarkSee Department010
38TBATBALee, ClarkSee Department010
39TBATBALink, ClarkSee Department030
40TBATBALongmore, ClarkSee Department010
41TBATBAManson, ClarkSee Department010
42TBATBAClark, MasoodSee Department010
43TBATBAMcAlinden, ClarkSee Department010
44TBATBAMeyer, ClarkSee Department010
45TBATBAMonk, ClarkSee Department010
46TBATBAOltz, ClarkNo Final010
47TBATBAPeelle, ClarkNo Final010
48TBATBAPeterson, ClarkSee Department040
49TBATBARazani, ClarkNo Final020
50TBATBASkeath, ClarkNo Final010
51TBATBASong, ClarkNo Final010
52TBATBAStallings, ClarkNo Final010
53TBATBATurner, ClarkNo Final010
54TBATBAWang, ClarkNo Final010
55TBA(None) / Weber, ClarkNo Final010
56TBA(None) / Anokhin, ClarkNo Final010
57TBA(None) / Barnes, ClarkNo Final010
58TBA(None) / Diwan, ClarkNo Final010
59TBA(None) / Galburt, ClarkNo Final010
60TBA(None) / Kotzbauer, ClarkNo Final010
61TBA(None) / Kranz, ClarkNo Final010
62TBA(None) / Kunkel, ClarkNo Final010
63TBA(None) / Strader, ClarkNo Final010
64TBA(None) / Blazquez Gamez, ClarkNo Final010
65TBA(None) / Cui, ClarkNo Final010
66TBA(None) / Mennerick, ClarkNo Final010
67TBA(None) / Olsen, ClarkNo Final010
68TBA(None) / Ciorba, ClarkNo Final010
69TBA(None) / Warner, ClarkNo Final010
70TBA(None) / Clark, Moron-ConcepcionNo Final010
71TBA(None) / Duncan, ClarkNo Final000


A course may be either a “Home” course or an “Ident” course.

A “Home” course is a course that is created, maintained and “owned” by one academic department (aka the “Home” department). The “Home” department is primarily responsible for the decision making and logistical support for the course and instructor.

An “Ident” course is the exact same course as the “Home” (i.e. same instructor, same class time, etc), but is simply being offered to students through another department for purposes of registering under a different department and course number.

Students should, whenever possible, register for their courses under the department number toward which they intend to count the course. For example, an AFAS major should register for the course "Africa: Peoples and Cultures" under its Ident number, L90 306B, whereas an Anthropology major should register for the same course under its Home number, L48 306B.

Grade Options
C=Credit (letter grade)
S=Special Audit
Q=ME Q (Medical School)

Please note: not all grade options assigned to a course are available to all students, based on prime school and/or division. Please contact the student support services area in your school or program with questions.