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PSYCHOLOGICAL & BRAIN SCIENCES (L33)  (Dept. Info)Arts & Sciences  (Policies)SP2017

L33 Psych 301Experimental Psychology4.0 Units
SecDays       TimeBuilding / RoomInstructorFinal ExamSeatsEnrollWaits
01M-W----12:00P-2:00PPsychology / 224 NestojkoNo Final0160
02M-W----2:00P-4:00PPsychology / 224 HaleNo Final0140
03-T-R---9:30A-11:30APsychology / 224 RiceNo Final0150
04-T-R---11:30A-1:30PPsychology / 224 Cohen-ShikoraMay 8 2017 1:00PM - 3:00PM0160
05-T-R---3:30P-5:30PPsychology / 224 AbramsNo Final0130

L33 Psych 3011Experimental Psychology4.0 Units
Description:Psych 3011 is limited to students who have not taken Psych 300 and want to enroll in Psych 300 and Experimental Psychology concurrently. Therefore, students who enroll in Psych 3011 must also register for Psychology 300, section 1. Psych 3011 fulfills the Psychology 301 requirement for the major. Topics in the two courses (i.e., Psych 300 and Psych 3011) will be coordinated in order to integrate the concepts from Statistics with those from Experimental Psychology. Experimental Psychology provides training in the logic and techniques of psychological research so as to provide students with experience in the design of psychology experiments and interpretation of results. Topics include experimental design and control, library research, quantitative treatment of data, graphical presentation of results, and clarity of scientific writing. Lectures focus on general principles of experimentation while the laboratory component provides an introduction to a range of psychological phenomena through hands-on experience in experimentation. Each student also completes an independent research project of his or her own design under supervision of a faculty member. Limited to 15 students . PREREQ: Psych 100B. Concurrent enrollment in Psy 300, section 1 is required. Declared Psychology majors will have priority.
Instruction Type:Classroom instruction Grade Options:C Fees:
Course Type:HomeSame As:N/AFrequency:Every Semester / History

L33 Psych 333Independent Study in Psychological and Brain SciencesVar. Units (max = 3.0)
SecDays       TimeBuilding / RoomInstructorFinal ExamSeatsEnrollWaits
03TBA(None) / DobbinsSee Department000
04TBA(None) / RiceSee Department000
05TBA(None) / GreenSee Department0110
06TBA(None) / [TBA]See Department000
07TBA(None) / MarksonSee Department090
08TBA(None) / JacksonSee Department0110
09TBA(None) / BogdanSee Department070
10TBA(None) / RoedigerSee Department000
11TBA(None) / WhiteSee Department030
12TBA(None) / BalotaSee Department000
13TBA(None) / McDermottSee Department000
14TBA(None) / BraverSee Department010
15TBA(None) / LawtonSee Department000
16TBA(None) / PeelleSee Department010
17TBA(None) / TreimanSee Department000
18TBA(None) / EnglishSee Department050
19TBA(None) / StrubeSee Department020
20TBA(None) / BuggSee Department090
21TBA(None) / SommersSee Department000
22TBA(None) / BarchSee Department050
23TBA(None) / LarsenSee Department000
24TBA(None) / KohlmanSee Department0220
25TBA(None) / HaleSee Department000
26TBA(None) / MyersonSee Department000
27TBA(None) / HillSee Department000
28TBA(None) / ZacksSee Department020
29TBA(None) / Van EngenSee Department000
30TBA(None) / AbramsSee Department0110
31TBA(None) / DuchekSee Department000
32TBA(None) / OltmannsSee Department0140
33TBA(None) / CarpenterSee Department010
34TBA(None) / PetersenSee Department000
35TBA(None) / WinterheldSee Department010
36TBA(None) / LambertSee Department0120
37TBA(None) / WilfleySee Department030
38TBA(None) / McDanielSee Department060
39TBA(None) / ThompsonSee Department040
40TBA(None) / HeadSee Department000
41TBA(None) / BaughSee Department000
42TBA(None) / RodebaughSee Department070
43TBA(None) / Graduate DirectorSee Department000
44TBA(None) / BonoSee Department080
45TBA(None) / BoyerSee Department000