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HISTORY (L22)  (Dept. Info)Arts & Sciences  (Policies)SP2017

L22 History 301THistorical Methods-Transregional History3.0 Units
SecDays       TimeBuilding / RoomInstructorFinal ExamSeatsEnrollWaits
01-T-R---1:00P-2:30PEads / 205 DubeNo Final15100
Desc:THINGS: A HISTORICAL METHODS SEMINAR: We live, we are told, in a consumerist society. Our lives are mediated by, and through, the things we surround ourselves with. They become synecdoche for untold experiences, moments of our lives frozen in material form. They stand in for political ideas, for morals, for labor issues, for "ways of life." They help to worship and they open gateways to the world of art. We can be dependent on them. We can throw them away without a thought. This seminar will look at various things from what has now been termed the "first consumer revolution" (1650-1850): pocket watches; guns; tobacco; ginseng; woolen blankets; Chinese porcelain; chocolate; cowrie shells; maps; and vacuum pumps. A famous painting and a cheap engraving. A book. Or even one of your things. Modern, Transregional. PREREQUISITE: NONE. This course is crosslisted with L97 301.


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